Virtual Office Hours

Virtual office hours are designated periods each week during which we are intentionally available for calls and meetings. These time slots are specifically set aside to discuss things like ongoing matters, urgent concerns, or just to catch up.

Why Virtual Office Hours?

  1. Enhanced Accessibility: With virtual office hours, you know exactly when we will available, making it easier to reach us without the back-and-forth of scheduling conflicts.
  2. Focused Interaction: These designated times allow for more focused and productive conversations, ensuring that your concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.
  3. Efficiency and Productivity: By dedicating specific times for unscheduled interactions, we can manage our workload more effectively, ensuring that all of our clients receive the attention and service they deserve.

How to Use Virtual Office Hours

If you'd like to lock in a time during our office hours, you can use the booking link in any of our email signatures. This link will take you to a calendar where you can select an available time slot that works for you.

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Jamie Larson