Viridian Lawyers Open-Source Privacy Policy on GitHub

We would like to introduce our first open source legal document, a Privacy Policy, which is intended to help technology businesses who operate in Australia to comply with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). It has been released under the permissive MIT Licence.

We hope that by launching this document under an MIT Licence, and on GitHub, we can not only make the work of technologists easier, but also to encourage others to contribute to the project, suggest pull requests and improve compliance outcomes for startups.

While GitHub is perhaps not the perfect tool for this task, it is the best tool we have on hand - and will no doubt, be a great starting place for innovation.

Australia has a long history of democratising the legal process. Most notably, Australia was a pioneer of the free access to law initiative around the world, and technical innovation in this space over the past few years has ramped up considerably. Continuing this tradition is important to the efficiency of our business and social landscape.

The Open Source Privacy Policy can be found on GitHub here.

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Jamie Larson